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Why Did He Stop Calling Me?

Should I call him?

Depending on the stage of the relationship as to what is the cause of him not calling. Make sure that you are not doing any of the chasing, as it is the man who is meant to prove himself to the woman and win her over. So make sure that he does majority of the calling, if not, then he doesn’t want to talk to you for whatever reason. Forcing him to talk to you by you calling pushes him further away.

This goes for text messages as well. Don’t even reply to every message, let him wonder what you’re up to and who you’re with. Be a little mysterious and don’t tell him everything about what your doing, who your with or even where you have been. That will cause him to want to talk to you more and be with you more as he should know that you are not exclusive until he asks you to be.
Ever Been Wondering… “Why did he stop calling me?”
Have you ever been out with a guy and wondered “Why did he stop calling me?”

Well, in today’s modern world there is hope and understanding as to what you can do when this happens. Depending on the situation as every man is unique and different, there are still common clauses as to why a man will stop calling his woman.

Once you feel that initial connection and attraction in the beginning of a relationship, it’s important not to get too caught up in the emotion and reveal too much of yourself too soon or be spending a lot of time together. He will call you when he wants to call you, when he misses you and wants to talk to you. Men are as simple as that, but if you’re talking to him too much and seeing him too much, you may come across as needy and that’s when he will start to get distant.

So just remember, when you’re not calling, he must miss you and spend time thinking about you, which can lead to him more easily falling in love with you.

Does he regard texting and emailing the same?

Yes, but emails and text messages you should send back to him less often. Men are known for being simple. They say and do things for the simple reason that they want to. It will feel good to them at that moment. So to answer “Why did he stop calling me?”, there are a few scenarios to look at and these include:

Trying to change him too soon or criticize him too much. This will really make him back off and think twice. Just think about it for a second, how would that make you feel if he was always trying to tell you to do things his way, or only to wear this and that. You will probably come across to him as his mother.

Being too dramatic and making a big deal out of everything that happens. Men prefer women who are relaxed and easy going. Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously because mistakes do happen and it’s such a relief to be with someone who laughs about it.

Coming across as too needy by always being there when he wants to see you is another reason. You shouldn’t be calling him several times a day. Let him be the man and chase the woman, you are special and deserve to be sought after. It’s important to stay a little independent and keep yourself busy with other things, especially in the beginning of a relationship so that he will miss you and spend lots of time thinking about you.

Women tend to stress way too much about whether the man will call or not and start to ask all their nearest friends and family about why did he stop calling me? If he doesn’t call, it just simply means he doesn’t want to talk to you ~ yet. That may be hard to accept that, but maybe you just weren’t right for each other or maybe you have already made a couple of mistakes that you weren’t fully aware of like those mentioned above which made him back off.

If he did value the relationship at all, then when you leave him be, he will eventually call you again. login
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